Hilarious Road Trip Stories

5 Amazing Road Trips in America and Ways it Can Make You Money! Summer time may be the perfect time when planning on taking per week off work, packing up your family and heading out on the vacation. Unfortunately, steep airline prices as well as steeper hotel costs mean Hawaii, Bali and Tahiti are out of the question. Does that mean you need to be happy with a staycation, lounging around on the couch in your finest Tommy Bahama shirt watching reruns of Gilligans Island? No way. Instead of flying away and off to exotic locales, youll be able to hit the highway on an exciting journey like countless families have inked considering that the first Model Ts rolled out of Detroit. Very few roads were paved during those times. Most of their travel was on two-lane dirt roads through the country. She and her brother liked to achieve your window and pull leaves off low-hanging branches because the car sped along at fifteen mph. The day at her grandmothers house, which may take about three hours today, would have been a day-long journey previously. To keep your brain engaged surely you will wish to bring your favorite music with you, but you can also want to bring stuff you havent heard in the while and things youve never heard before. Also consider checking out audiobooks and stand up comedians on CD. These is bound to help break up the trip and your mind awake and engaged while driving. 1. Check Your Vehicle. Theres nothing more inconvenient and annoying than car trouble on the road. So before going, have a tune up. Bonus savings: A new air conditioning filter and spark plugs are proven to reduce gas usage. 2. Drive Smarter. Believe it or not, it is possible to shave about 1/3 off fuel costs by simply driving less aggressively. Save another 10% or higher by going the velocity limit. After all, scenic drives shouldnt pass by in a blur. 3. Use the Cruise. The cruise control reduces fuel consumption by upholding your foot from the gas pedal. 4. Dont Idle More Than 30 Seconds. Turn from the engine and save another 20% on budget trips. Isnt this fun? 4. Leaving around the time that your infant or toddler naps is often a gift to the driver. Generally, being strapped in the vehicle seat is about as insurance quotes for new drivers view link new drivers car insurance car insurance for new drivers visit site fun for the toddler as going for a dose of "cherry-flavored" antibiotics. Depending on the ages of your son or daughter and exactly how well they sleep within their seats, you can find an excellent 45 minutes to 2 hours of "quiet" time or adult conversation.