High- performance self drilling rock bolt from Sinorock for related industries

Established in 2011, Sinorock is a professional  company that carries a huge inventory of self drilling rockr bolt of all types. Sinorock also provides access to the warehouse of self drilling rock bolt Products that provide wholesale anchoring solutions such as nuts, bolts, bits and more to manufacturers across the country and around the world. 

Sinorock self drilling rock bolt is a bolting solution for unstable ground comdition such as sand,gravel,silt,and clays,and in soft to medium fractured rock For projects facing such ground conditions,self drilling rock bolt should be considered as the main productivity solution .The self drilling rock bolt solution is designed for optimized installation,tailored to the projects .

Sinorock is the leading manufacturer of high- performance self drilling rock bolts, meeting clients’ exacting demands forcritical applications in hostile environments. Whether for off shore ,seawater, pump,tunneling or mining, the demands for an exceptional service and supply is never ending. We believe manufacturing Selfdrilling rock bolt in exotic materials is an art form and it is something we have perfected at Sinorock.Contact us to get more information about our product.