Are bathroom scales better than medical scales?

On One Hand: Medical Scales Are More AccurateFor the most accurate weight readings, medical scales are superior to bathroom scales. Though they are much larger than traditional bathroom scales, they possess the highest accuracy rate and have higher weight limits than bathroom scales. Additionally, their eye-level measuring system is both convenient and easy to read.

On the Other: Bathroom Scales Can Be Accurate--And CheaperFor personal use, bathroom scales are quite capable of giving accurate weight readings. Not only are many bathroom scales quite accurate, they are also much lighter and more reasonably sized than bulky, space-consuming medical scales. As the name implies, bathroom scales would not be out of place in a home, whereas a massive medical scale may become difficult to store and use outside of a professional setting.

Bottom LineIf you need to measure weight in a professional setting, medical scales are the best choice. For at-home use, a reliable bathroom scale can serve the same purpose for far less money.

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