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Convert AVI to iPhone - How to Put AVI Files Onto an iPhone The iPhone happens to be the hottest mobile phone everyone would want to gather. Although on its own the device has already been amazing because it is, it could be made even better through downloading and taking advantage of its many mobile phone apps available in App store! Downloading a cellular phone app with your iPhone is definitely a easy process and will only take just a few minutes. Today, general market trends is invaluable for evaluating something before its designed for the public to acquire, many organisations prefer to get some good field research and cold hard hands-on testing before its launched to the masses. There are hundreds and thousands of app designers for your various apps which source web page you can get on your iPhone. Hundreds of newly discovered apps are added monthly, and the designers need testers. MP3 very good music player helps to make the user dance to their Nokia 5130 handset everywhere in and outside India. FM Radio can be acquired for listening to melodious oldies to hilarious latest songs. Many people wish to relax, by playing music. For them, FM Radio is the better. Even if you forget your headset in your house, then connect your handset with Bluetooth and enjoying FM on the handset. But you needs to be careful while hiring an iPhone app builder. As you can find many you can find there are chances you might hire someone who is the best person to do the job squandering your money, some time and efforts. So prior to deciding to finalize the person you have to have a peek at his portfolio, his work experience as well as the form of work she has done. His abilities should complement with your requirement and the form of project you desire him to work on. So which is the best?To say that particular phone surpasses another, because they are two different phones. The iPhone 4S probably provides the nod, because it is newer than the Samsung handset, so has more updated features. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a superb phone though, and provides an all-inclusive package of features for either work or play. The iPhone 4S certainly matches the Galaxy S2 generally in most respects, but a majority of will usually choose this thanks to features for example its very easy to work with OS, and also Apples multimedia ecosystem (iTunes, iPod and AppStore integration). In my opinion, choosing between your two largely depends upon ones preference for either Android or iOS, and for a particular manufacturers products.