Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Africa - Specialised Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services

Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning provides specialised dry ice blast cleaning services for the power generation industry. As the company at the forefront of this unique cleaning method, Isogenix Dry Ice Blast Cleaning has been active for the last three years at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, as well as Kriel, Majuba and Duvha in South Africa.

Our success on many applications throughout Eskom Generation and Distribution has gained Isogenix much respect in this field within Africa.

Dry ice blast cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaning is non-abrasive, contains no chemicals, and is the cost and time-saving alternative to conventional cleaning methods.

To overcome potentially disastrous downtime during catastrophic failure or planned maintenance, Isogenix is able to service all your needs across Africa with the highest tech equipment available.

Dry ice speciality cleaning

Dry ice speciality cleaning includes:

Rotors and stator cleaningTransformer and electrical panelsHydrogen and steam reticulation tubesSurface preparation and contaminant removalNuclear cleaning applicationsCrystal blasting technology

Dry ice speciality cleaning is a preferred cleaning alternative in clean condition areas. It enables carbon footprint reduction so that you can be more environmentally friendly.

Dry ice blast cleaning for nuclear power stations

Over the past few years Koeberg Nuclear Power Station has called on Isogenix many times to perform the dry ice blast cleaning of electrical equipment. This equipment includes:

Main circulating sea water pump motorsCondensate extraction pump motorsMain generatorTurbo-generator turning gear motorVarious low-voltage motors and mechanical equipment

Isogenix's dry ice blasting technique has been a highly effective cleaning method, particularly in the removal of caked oil residue or carbon on stator windings, rotors, laminations and wedges.

Advantages of dry ice blast cleaning

Dry ice blasting is superior to many traditional cleaning methods, as the dry ice is soft enough not to damage the underlying surface. In addition, with the dry ice blast cleaning process electrical equipment can be put back into service straight away, reducing downtime and ensuring that your plant stays functional and efficient.

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