Things You Should Know When Purchasing Tires

Things You Should Know When Purchasing Tires

Tires are an integral part of a vehicle. It supports the weight of the car, softens the impact from the road and more. Getting them changed is an owner’s responsibility. But before you do, here are some things you need to know beforehand.


What you need to do before purchasing new tires


1. Make sure that you really need new tires

Check for excessive tread wear, cracked sidewalls, discoloration and bulging.


2. Observe if your car is in shape

Check your car for alignment or suspension problems. A damaged condition of the car needs to be fixed firsthand before changing new tires. To avoid such damages, invest in a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.


3. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual and information placard

The information regarding your tire size and type is written on them. The information placard can be found permanently placed on the door edge, door post or glove compartment.


4. Understand the tire code

The numbers located on the sidewall of the tire refer to the tire’s date and place of manufacture, maximum inflation pressure, maximum load rating, composition, materials, tread wear, traction and temperature grades.


How to Choose The Right Tires For Your Car


1. Comfortable driving

You might be looking for touring tires, which are dependable on wet and dry roads. They give a smooth and quiet ride


2. For great handling and performance

High-performance tires are great for high-speed driving on both wet and dry pavements. It consists of a soft rubber compound that improves grip, especially on during cornering at high speed.


3. For pick-up and SUVs

Light truck tires may be appropriate for these kinds of cars. They will provide traction and durability during off-road conditions.


4. Commercial vehicles

Commercial light truck tires can drive through mud, dirt and everyday wear and tear conditions.


5. Winter tires

Optimized handling for cold, wet and snowy weather, but also ideal for dry conditions as well.


Knowing more about your car’s tires really helps as this is an investment you make. Ensuring that you purchase quality tires also ensures the safety of you and your family.