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by Suzanne Ridgeway2 years ago

Mouthwash is easily homemade and the best option to choose. Here are 7 homemade mouthwash recipes using everyday ingredients that are more beneficial to your oral hygiene and health than store bought.

EDITOR'S CHOICEby Bill De Giulio6 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered what's in your toothpaste? Well, you might be surprised. To be honest I was shocked when I started researching the ingredients that go into toothpaste.

by Suzanne Ridgeway2 years ago

Making your own chemical free all natural mouthwash is simplified here with a look at many natural and safe ingredients to choose from. Homemade mouthwash is more beneficial than store bought brands.

by gracenotes2 years ago

Not all toothpastes are the same when it comes to using them with the Philips Sonicare toothbrush. You will be more comfortable with an electric toothbrush if you experiment with different pastes.

EDITOR'S CHOICEby Suzanne Ridgeway2 years ago

Flavored toothpicks are available to buy but you can make them at a fraction of the cost using flavors such as lemon, peppermint and nutmeg. Read on for a step by step recipe with tips, info and more!