I think we could see changes

FIFA holds symposium in Berne FIFA is meeting in Berne, Switzerland for Cheap Fifa 16 Coins the first time since U.S. and Swiss authorities began investigating it  and is holding a reform committee meeting. The conference is being chaired by Francois Carrard, the man who previously directed reforms of the International Olympic committee.Looking to plot a new direction for football’s governing body. FIFA’s new reform committee met for the first time under the independent chairman Francois Carrard. He described the meeting as intense and fruitful. But despite pressure to demonstrate that the organization is undergoing significant change, Carrard refused to reveal any of the details Fifa 16 Coins."


We have touched, I would say, practically all areas where you would like to consider possible reforms, be it governance, be it finance, be it gender equity, be it the various competences of the various bodies. We are not yet at the stage of the proposals, we have covered, studied, reviewed and exchanged opinions on all areas," FIFA reform committee chairman Francois Carrard said."Look, if FIFA is going to change, it's going to come from external forces, I don't trust a committee that's a part of FIFA itself.


I think we could see changes when there's a new President, when there's a new structure, when there's a new understanding, but I don't think a committee that's a part of FIFA is suitable to regenerate FIFA itself. That doesn't make any sense," Football reporter Juan Castro said.Carrard will give an initial brief to FIFA’s executive committee on the 26th of September.FIFA 16 new legend capability ranking FIFA Ranking Welsh first nine ultra England Buy Fifa 16 Coins.

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