The Energy of Notes

Records are extremely effective. They convey your thoughts, support, compassion, apology, congratulations, thanks, and requests to others. Visiting lee mcfarland perhaps provides cautions you can tell your mom. Should you fancy to dig up more on lee mcfarland, there are heaps of online libraries you should consider pursuing. A lot of people create notes on a computer and produce them or send them through the Net. However, in my opinion the most effective notes are handwritten. A handwritten note is rare and personal. For this reason, it will be given more attention from the audience and have maximum effect. A few weeks before I was in Michigan for my dad's funeral. While there I attended my mom's church on Sunday and met her pastor for the second-time. This influential pastor lee mcfarland URL has numerous tasteful lessons for where to see about it. While talking to him, I learned that his mother died a couple of months ago and his dad was really ill. On my way home to Virginia, I'd an end at Chicago O'Hare Airport. While waiting for my connecting flight, I pulled out a box of note cards and sent them and wrote several notes. Certainly one of these was an encouraging note to my mom's pastor. I then found out later that he was so moved by the note that he read it at a meeting and took it to his church. H-e made it clear to those in attendance just how much of a confidence it was to him. What I didn't know when I wrote the note was that during the following week not only did his dad expire but his wife was diagnosed with cancer. In my opinion God used my note to help him throughout a very hard time in his life. I also wonder how many the others he talked to were changed as a result of that note. Perhaps many of them are now writing notes also. What if I'd maybe not written that note? I'd encourage you to begin writing notes regularly. What a simple way to affect people's lives in a positive way. If you should be concerned about how to get going, the next two books on the subject have already been the most beneficial to me: - 'The-art of the Handwritten Note: Helpful Information to Reclaiming Civilized Interaction' by Maggie Shepherd - 'Business Notes: Writing Individual Notes That Develop Professional Connections' by Florence Isaacs Obtain a note card, pencil and press. Write a note to anyone who has been on your mind to-day. Only God knows how much that individual, and the world, will change for the higher due to the few minutes you remove of your busy schedule to write a few sentences.. To explore additional info, consider taking a gaze at: pastor lee mcfarland.