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Over 4 years of writing articles on Hub Pages on a wide variety of matters from Leafy Sea Dragons to Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift and receiving over 290,000 web page views. I'm glad all of us got here down late afternoon, Sunday, because that evening, the monsoon rains began to fall in sheets! Southwoods exist in direction of SLEX, is all the time a shorter route back to Manila Nonetheless, Sunday evening, the monsoon rains flooded the exit. I anticipated gridlocked traffic all the best way to Ekkamai and all the best way out of town, however there was virtually none. Because of heavy rain during this monsoon season, water from throughout Thailand was making its way to the gulf. This meeting is sponsored by the Site visitors Security Program in Occupational Security and Health (OSH) Division and the Traffic Safety Committee.

We left hydbad by 6:30 am and already traffic was choosing up, counsel leaving early or else a lot of delays. He recommended to cover the space from Hyd to Solapur during daylight (pot-holes, single lanes and heavy industrial vehicle visitors). Landslides are widespread in mountainous Nepal in the course of the rainy monsoon season, which started in June and ends in September.

We left hydbad by 6:30 am and already traffic was picking up, recommend leaving early or else plenty of delays. He really helpful to cowl the gap from Hyd to Solapur during daylight (pot-holes, single lanes and heavy business car visitors). Landslides are frequent in mountainous Nepal throughout the rainy monsoon season, which began in June and ends in September.

The US Authorities has documented proof (FBI) Large Foot is a unidentified hominid species. Our weather within the Philippines may be very hot throughout summer months starting in early March, to late May, then the local weather can change to very damp, and soggy, as the monsoon rains start in June and finish sometime October. Silang and Tagaytay, has salty air because it is near the China sea The monsoon months, have heavy rainfall for weeks at occasions. I had a beautiful weekend, regardless of the monsoon rains with my girlfriends who stayed over in my little farm in Silang.

Journey is ok at the moment, the monsoon will little question loosen hill sides because it at all times does however there are various geologist groups in Nepal monitoring the state of affairs, and can continue to do so after the monsoon. If you are travelling from Hyderabad to Pune begin early (earlier than or by 6) so that you miss the early morning visitors traffic monsoon up till Patancheru - can save you an hour. Visitors typically gets denser there however the roads are broad, four laned and easier. The entire journey could take anyplace between 9 to 12 hours relying on site visitors. He mentioned that railway workers would quickly begin repairing the tracks so visitors can resume.