Microsoft Great Plains: Houston ERP market notes

In this guide we would prefer to discuss our consulting experience, serving Houston company metro ERP/MRP/CRM industry, in our case this is Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Great Plains, Microsoft Navision and Microsoft Axapta modification, implementation, integration & reporting. Identify new info on the affiliated article directory by browsing to Allows make release to the services and products. Microsoft Business Answers renamed its ERP products: Microsoft Excellent Plains into Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft CRM into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Navision into Microsoft Makeup NAVIGATION, Microsoft Axapta into Microsoft Solomon and Microsoft Character A-x into Microsoft Character S-l. Task Green should end up in combining solution interfaces and making segments cross-integration easy somewhere in-the second decade of XXI century. To the specifics of Houston industry and clientele: Oil & Gas: Oil Drilling organizations and Oil Refineries are fairly large and it's new chance for Microsoft Great Plains. In our view, when Microsoft SQL Server became a rival to Oracle, DBII and other high-end DB platforms, significant businesses got a good chance to reduce ERP program implementation & licensing charge and switch from functionally wealthy ERPs: SAP, Oracle Financials/E-Business Suite/Applications, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards to common performance ERPs: Great Plains eEnterprise/Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, an such like. Microsoft Dexterity customizations allows you to tune Great Plains to the specific business logic versus spending high price for rich performance segments Defense & Aerospace. These companies are spread across Texas: San Antonio, Dallas, Austin. These companies, being established and traditional have challenge of cross ap-plication integration. Sometimes, because of the size of these corporations, Microsoft Dynamics GP serves as ERP for regional part or sub-division and is subject for consolidation into Corporate ERP. Special consideration must be fond of Great Plains integration and Microsoft CRM with Lotus Notes Domino. Venture Capital & Startups. Specially in Dallas area. Learn further on our favorite partner site - Click this URL: Our knowledge coping with such implementations implies that business processes are so special, that custom pieces are more often than not the must. The business typ-e is generally new companies and Service Advantage Suite is normally customized with Microsoft Dexterity and Microsoft Great Plains Modifier/VBA. As Project Green improvements, you must expect more.Net side customizations: XML Web Services, eConnect, an such like. We have micro hat ventures when we're referring to investment capital. Substances. Over the Gulf of Mexico, as much as New Orleans we have knowledge employing, customizing and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP for chemical tanks cleaning business. Clicking analyze maybe provides suggestions you might use with your mother. Please do not hesitate to call us: 1-866-528-0577,