Best Ways To Check Your Tyres

Best Ways To Check Your Tyres

Tyres are an essential element of your car and checking them regularly will help you save time and money, and also keep you safe on the road.


Basic tyre checking


Tyres that receive proper care and maintenance can last for many years, but this also depends on road conditions and your driving style. However, booking car specialists who offer complete services for tyres in London should help you perform a complete tyre check on a regular basis.


Proper pressure is what keeps your tyres work the right way and is the first thing that any specialist will check, especially if you are planning to go on a long journey. Tyres don’t have to look flat to be underinflated, so make sure to have them checked once a month.


Then, the specialist will check your tyres tread depth, have them replaced if the tread is worn down to 1.6 mm and help you purchase tread depth gauges for safe driving. Have your suspension alignment checked as well to prevent improper road holding and accidents. Alignment adjusting is usually required after hitting an obstacle on the road, such as a pothole. After properly adjusting the angles of the wheels, the car specialist will check the balance to make sure your tyres can spin without vibrating. Balancing your tyres is essential if you want to prevent premature tyre wear; it also helps protect the car’s steering system and suspension, features that provide extra comfort for the passengers.


Valves should also be replaced every time you have your tyres changed because they keep the tyres airtight and contribute to your personal safety.