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The Head Points To The Sky, And The Feet Hold Him Up Resting On The Earth.

Gong at one level means work, implicit in this is the idea of aPhievement through work or practise, i.e. skill. Dag-Yin means to ‘induce or guide’ and is one of Restorative Program the oldest methods of energy work on record in China. Dag Yin Yoga relates to Taoist theories of health and well-being, and so addresses internal energy called chi and its pathways, called meridians. Thanks Hagar, re the CDT, yeah there's a strong emphasis on the CDT as foundation, i'd done practices to activate it before, but the Dao Yin has opened a whole new depth. There will be an additional handout covering all of these methods in detail. In the practice of cultivating awareness you are learning to consciously relate to different aspects of your experience, like gravity, breath, and sensation.  Comment Was this review helpful to you? Dade Ming ch. 29. Posted 14 March 2010 - 03:23 PM Glad to here it's going well eagle Chen J I read your account on the link you included in the other post.

There are many such traditions and few such teachers, so with some reading, a great deal of practice and a little luck you will probably find yourself on the path that is the most natural and profound to you.  There are meditation practices as well in both Hun Chang Ni stuff and Dragon Gate, and these have been some of the most awesome meditation practices i've come across. In Dag Yin practice we say that the mind and body meet in sensation. There is really deep softness to the internal alchemy approach. My intention is to create a safe and supportive experience, that “healing place” which is not so much a physical space work. It is the focus or intention that distinguishes each tradition. This is the essence of the “INTERNAL” arts. Master Tao's teachings come from both a Taoist traditional lineage he is the holder and Buddhist teachings, egg mantras, Guam Yin and correct principles. Thank you for your feedback. “Enthusiastic Heart” means enthusiasm towards study, practice and learning.

. I wondered for ages how I could write something about my time there without saying too much, what you wrote was great. China has an ancient and deep tradition of body-mind care. The first describes briefly the technique while the second refers to one goal of the exercise; actually with daoyin we guide the qi and move our body in order to obtain a beneficial effect to our health. Regular Dag Yin practise will, over time, improve the overall function of the body at many levels. The “3 regulations” are: - regulate the body tiaoshen - regulate the breath tiaoxi According to classical Chinese physiology, body and mind are a whole that cannot be divided. Beside these “nourishments” coming from outside, the man can help himself in keeping his qi healthy by suitable physical activity that can allow him to avoid blocks and stagnations. “One of the most informative and enjoyable classes I have taken.