Nintendo NX: Revealed Possible Games And New Features

Nintendo NX: Revealed Possible Games And New Features

The announcement of the Nintendo NX has not yet reached, and waiting to see they do not stop new rumors arise. Updates ensure that the console would have already entered production at Foxconn Electronics, and others say that its official name could be Nintendo Duo.

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Now, the French portal Gameblog has shared information with both software and the hardware of the device. With regard to the software, the report points to that there are several companies that are working on the development of around 20 games for the platform, including Capcom, Ubisoft, PlatinumGames and Square Enix.

According to the French media, the NX will have new, such as Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake games. In addition, there will also be remasterisations of Mario Kart 8, Skyward Sword, Splatoon, Smash Bros., as well as a series of games for the Wii and the Nintendo 64.

With regard to hardware, from Gameblog again to say that it is a hybrid system, but they claim that this is not the only surprise that keeps the new Nintendo console. Apparently the Japanese company have not shared the details with developers and may have been saved by an ACE in the hole.

They explain that have detachable controls and that there will not be an alternative processing base to connect the portable system, instead you have wireless adapter plugged in the television directly. In the portable system games run at 780 - 900 p, so graphically is on par with the PS4.

Other point revealed by Gameblog refers to virtual reality. According to the Gallic medium, the first tests of VR that have been carried out have not been satisfactory, but it is not excluded that the NX will provide support. Also expected to go to have some sort of connectivity for smartphones.

There are, however, that take into account at the moment only it's rumours and there is no confirmed information, so we will continue waiting for the official announcement to leave doubts and know at last to the Nintendo NX.