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The greatness of Summer

The greatness of Summer

Now... Summer... What is summer? SUmmer is the time of the year where people can do lots of crazy things that they couldn't do in the past months. It is also what people would refer to us the "hottest point" of the year, wherein, you don't normally feel such intense heat like that often. Now, I know what some of you guys are thinking :) Why is this dude suddenly starting up his blog about "Summer"? Is this dude lonely or something? Or is he just that shareful of his feelings and that he's just starting now since it's his first ever post here. And luckily, I have the oppurtunity to answer that here and now and it is that I'm not lonely :) And the reason why I'm blogging about the summer is because I really love it and it can help change a person. Not in a bad way that can turn him on the dark side or something like that but a change that would make a person see what he has become, well some thing like that. So, in this summer I'm about to become a college student and as soon as that first day comes I will be as serious and prepared as I'll ever be but in the mean time I'll  continue celebrating this summer.

Summer has been a really good thing for us people. It can really make us help think straight since there is no school, no reason for parents to think about about what they're going to spend or what not. But at the same time some parents would be worried on how they're actually gonna pay for the tuition for their kids in the upcomning school year. But I'm here to tell those parents that don't stress yourself out that much and just take a deep breath about that matter because you don't know wanna worry your kid that much or maybe your kids that much. They must be ready to accept the terrors of life. But not in the way of being so angry of what you're gonna do. Instead og being angry think of your options and always thinking about your child or children because whatever may happen to you. They'll always be your light at the  tip of the mountain, they'll always be that white dove that suddenly poppet put of the horizond and they'll always be your heart.

Now another awesome thing about summer is that we all would get to experience "new" things and we'd get to experience this new things probably every summer? But for some they're just that rare enough for them to be extraordinary.

I'm not a pretty good blogger. But I'll tell you this as soon as I get used to this. You'll all want to know who I am and would really love to get to know me. So this is MelYouCanTrust's first blog ^_^