Best Cities to Raise a family in Virginia

Best Cities to Raise a family in Virginia

Virginia is a mid Atlantic region famous for strong employment, top notch Education and especially for outdoor adventures. It is basically one of the fast growing areas allowing young families to live at affordable prices. This city offers you some excellent places with average great schools and friendly communities. So here we have assembled a list of some incredible cities or places to live in Virginia after doing deep research. According to your opinion which is the best of best city in Virginia to raise a family? No idea, it’s ok. You have no need to worry about it, just scroll down to know some wonderful cities to enjoy in Virginia with your family.


Best Cities to Raise a family in Virginia:-


1.   Centreville: - Centreville is the largest city of Washington D.C.  And it known for its affordable places. This includes luxury shopping complex, movie theatres, town homes and beautiful houses. This is very safest city and the crime rates of this city is very low then other states. 


2.   Manassas: - This is one of longest and famous commute of Virginia. This is strong option for the families to live with young children’s because it is densely urban space and metropolitan area. This city is famous for its smaller atmosphere and it is basically a prime spot for residents.  


3.   Burke: - This is most friendly city with expensive homes and excellent homes. This city is one of the best places to live in Virginia and census designated place and much like Gainesville. There are various things to do in burke like you can enjoy at burke farmer market, Outback steak house and Marys church.


4.   Mechanicsville: - This city is greatest destination located in Hanover country, Virginia. Mechanicsville has high percentage of families and lowest cost of living. This city offers you best economic and cultural opportunities. The thing which is best about this Mechanicsville is its Richmond metro area.


5.   Leesburg: - This is well-known as Loudon county city includes several events and festival including flowers especially in April. It is budget friendly city which will help you to build a strong community. This is a residence with high school degrees and average commute to live with families.