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Brother Printers of all types have been around as long as I can remember and I have been around a long time. In addition, like all technology, brother have revolutionized their process, their functionality and best of all, their cost. The choice today for small business really comes down to two main choices:brother laser printer or inkjet printer. The difference between the two is that brother laser printers tend to use toner cartridges that expel a fine power and the brother inkjet printers use a number of cartridges that use ink called Drop on Demand (DOD) printing.

Without getting too technical let us just say the DOD printing consists of two types. In the first type the cartridges contain materials that generate a pressure pulse that propels the fluid when a voltage passes through a small chamber. In the second type the cartridges contain heater that vaporize the ink and pushes it out when voltage passes through the chamber most of this processes are used with HP ink cartridges. This is probably more than you want to know about ink cartridges but a little information can go a long way with your friends.

If you are wondering whether to invest in a brother inkjet printer or laser printer here are a few reasons to choose the brother inkjet:

• Availability - You can purchase these printers anywhere from grocery stores to electronic outlets and even online from places such as Amazon, Overstock, Costco and many other places
• Affordable - These brother printers are easily available and very affordable. You can purchase an inkjet printer today for around £100 that can do what a £500 printer did five years ago.
• User Friendly - Instructions are much easier and many of the features can be implemented right from your computer such as printing, faxing and scanning. brother Cartridges are easy to replace as well.
• Compact - Most of these printers are small and compact.
• Paper - Most of these printers can accept different types and sizes of paper from plain paper to texture to slick and glossy.
• Eco-friendly brother ink cartridges - Most inks used in these cartridges are water-based (up to 90%) and eco friendly to the environment.

At Big Toner UK we keep a large stock of brother printer ink cartridges available to service our many customers that have a variety of inkjet printers they use. We service residential, small business, corporate, and government clients with many repeat customers. Our one-day service and great customer care is what we are most proud of and we feel this is what keeps them coming back. For your entire cartridge needs give us a try. We have a 30-day no questions ask guarantee for an exchange or full refund. What have you got to lose?

brother printer cartridges