LED advertising automobile industry place enormous company opportunities

Right now, those bus station license, light boxes, bus entire body advertising is everywhere, promoting has also been rooted in our lives, the way propaganda is countless. Today the emphasis is on social innovation, conventional promoting has been out, can not meet the requires of advertisers. People today are normally in consistent pursuit of new items, just ample "new" to cause concern, LED marketing(EN12966) cars for its enough "new" features, Buzz promoting boom.

LED billboards promoting boom Buzz Why can it?

one, LED promoting autos with very low noise, super powerful anti-jamming, data stability;

two, cost-free to switch the screen to set the time interval, scrolling;

3, it is possible to set the timer switch, time from their very own handle;

four, begin and halt Rouhuan linear acceleration and deceleration, operating stability and harmony;

five, may be outfitted with several posters, display information could be customized attributes.

LED billboards advertising inside the sort of a multi-screen scrolling, the method can accommodate a lot more than one particular poster picture, the image is not affected by any force, pull the picture will not appear the phenomenon, each and every poster presentation time is adjustable, rotating roller might be managed manually up and down specifically that has a electrical power reset perform, ensuring the image within a total blackout time to remain to the window screen show, transform stable and smooth, quiet operation, strengthen the efficiency of advertising the place, reduced value, quick to replace posters. LED promoting motor vehicles, enabling you to scroll up ads!

LED marketing automobile market place location enormous business enterprise options steadily surfacing as being a revolutionary wave of advertising, and its development prospects.

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