The advantages of washing face with cold water

The advantages of washing face with cold water

In general, washing face with cold water is not only good for your health, but also make your face to keep skin smooth and moist for a long time, look younger.

We know, wash with cold water, the skin capillaries shrink after one minute later, appears reflex hyperemia, accelerate blood circulation, which can prevent long-term exposure caused facial numbness and nervousness. Especially in the winter, face sweat pore contraction, if friction with hot hands, it will make it suddenly expand, oppression subcutaneous layer of muscle cells to shrink, causing epidermis of dry, cracked, and prone to wrinkles.

Meanwhile, cold water wash can also enhance the skin's nutrition, promote secretion of sebum, the skin appears Whitening, smooth, flexible, easy to infection skin diseases. In addition, cold water wash can be excited nerves, thus making the spirits, better to start the day's work and learning.

Wash your face with cold water in the winter, you can enhance cold tolerance, avoiding the face and hands of frostbite, and more importantly, can reduce the risk of colds, respiratory diseases chance. Especially for those prone to bronchitis, colds tonsils water and people have greater benefits. Advise those who are accustomed to wash with hot water, you can use cold water to wash your face, you might be able to make more youthful fit.