“Content Curation” Demystified

The process of content curation involves sorting through a lot of enterprise and internet content before displaying it in a meaningful and organized format. A person who works on this task is called a “content curator”.


When it comes to the importance of content curation, training groups that deliver knowledge-based or intellectual information via an online method (an example would be an educational portal) have to show, sort, and aggregate all of the content in a helpful and relevant manner.

This important task is the job of an individual or team of content curators. These are the people who are responsible for updating, organizing and gathering significant information that can be found in the portal.

The content would come in forms of (but are not restricted to) digital learning tools like case studies, research reports, blogs, drawings or images, video clips, articles, and courses.

Generally speaking, the training line of work has classified some specific activities that can happen during the procedure of content curation:

  • Chronology: A curation method that arranges historical data by date to illustrate the comprehension and evolution of a particular subject.
  • Mashups: This is what happens when specific curated content is put together to create a revolutionary perspective or point of view.
  • Elevation: The process of identifying an important trend within the curation that has come up from internet postings.
  • Distillation: The act of curating information in a streamlined format that only divulges the most important and relevant information.
  • Aggregation: The process of curating information that is appropriate for a particular subject within one area.

What is the role of the content curator?

The significance of the curators and the importance of content curation have dramatically developed due to the “information overload” that originated from digital technologies and the Internet. The production of social networking instruments like peer-to-peer exchanges, tablet computers, and smart phones have definitely changed the landscape of learning. This is why the content curators are needed.

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