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A Good and Loving Family

A Good and Loving Family

What everybody needs is a good hand or shoulder to hold on to when they're in trouble. And who better to act as that hand or shoulder but your family themselves.

We all have a family inthis world. Some of us may not know it but we all are really just a big part of a big and great family out there. A family which is waiting for the right moment to call us all for supper. A family is really one of the greatest things this world has to offer. Even though some don't want a family, they just haven't felt the pain of losing one or not ever having one, so that they may feel the HEART-WARMING warmth of a loving and true family.

A family has many sides. Some families are all related by blood. While there are some who are not related by blood but still live the rest of their lives as family, nevertheless. Many people see the beauty of each individual in this world, but somehow, those people would just forget in the long brink of time. But to your family... That's a whole different story. Since, just when you're about to forget about a certain member of the family, there is that one person that would just bring up an amazing memory about that person. And with that memory brings a lot of other memories, which are very fun and awesome memories about that person that  we all love to remember.A family is really something that no one should ever take lightly of. THere maybe times when a member of a certain family would jsut give up all hopes and abandon everything he/she loved for that family... But what every family must remmeber is that it's a family's job to protect every member from harm bay it be so themselves. And they must always bring that member home, back to where they are loved and where they belong.

To every person out ther and beyond... We all deserve a family that would take care of us and even feed, sleep and protect... But what we all really need is a family that would be there for all of us to the times when we really need them, to the times when we feel we don't need them but actually do.