Design of coded lock in the area of window and door accessories

Coded lock is one of kind of lock. The open will with a series of numbers or symbols. Password lock is usually a combination of real and not just aligned. According to window and door accessories suppliers China, part of locks are using only one turntable, the number of discs or cam lock rotation within.


What I want to talk about today is the design of coded lock. First is allocating style. The easiest lock is common in low security settings bicycle lock, using multiple dial rings. The middle of each circle is with a concave position. A shaft center of the lock will control several projecting teeth, for engaging dial ring. When the dial rings to the correct password combination; the lock can be opened. This is most likely to open the lock. Many of these locks did not need to know the password can open. Unless its internal components made so perfect, or as long as the axially outer pull one tooth will be more tension than other dial ring. Under this situation, you can buy safe and practical window lock for your house. Then wheeled tensed dial ring until you hear a small "card" sound, indicating that the tooth has entered the correct concave position. Repeat this procedure will soon be able to open the lock. Second is single turntable. With a square box on the padlock or combination lock can be only one dial. Promote balanced turntable behind several discs or cams. Traditionally, when you first open the lock dial clockwise to the first digit, then counter-clockwise to the second number, so until the last digit. Usually concave cam position, when transferred to the correct password, you in a straight line, the lock can be opened.


Now I believe you have some basic knowledge for the coded lock. By the way, there are some coded locks for the discount kitchen cabinet accessories wholesale China