Third-party logistics warehouse

Third-party logistics warehouse

The essence of modern logistics, through to transportation, storage, handling, processing, sorting, and other aspects of distribution and information combine to form a complete supply chain, to provide users with multi-functional, comprehensive integration services to achieve lower distribution costs improve productivity and increase profits.

The difference is that with modern logistics, e-commerce retail model, there is a large amount of inventory, the number of more complex features a high degree of order, which led to the electricity supplier warehouse and shipping management very difficult. Net warehouse logistics model is targeted at the development of e-commerce features fully automated mode, further said that the use of information technology, fine management, all procedures and personnel management within the warehouse are integrated into the network compartment and fine to every aspect, every action, through the optimal warehouse layout and process planning, so that the library operator to complete complex tasks simply follow the system prompts to efficiently and accurately. In simple terms, the net electricity supplier warehouse is to do the back-end services. As a Third-party logistics warehouse, through the network to help sellers of e-commerce, to resolve delivery problems.

Currently, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and the emergence of a large number of network warehouse companies. Third-party logistics warehouse management system with independent research and development, with the PDA, full digital and independent research supporting hardware, pipeline facilities, so you can make sure the goods out of the accurate and efficient. Network Technology is committed to the electricity supplier warehouse storage and distribution development and refinement of innovative management solutions, the use of forward-looking electricity supplier warehouse management philosophy to improve the efficiency of cooperation with the electricity supplier warehouse management.


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Warehousing is the basis for the development of the logistics industry, e-commerce is an important starting point for the back end, the strength of the logistics capabilities can win for the business plays a vital role in the channel market. Third-party logistics warehouse operation mode of the future will be toward the highly information-oriented, highly automated, highly collaborative direction, warehousing and logistics center will become the new value.