BMW Shanghai parts distribution warehouse

After the BMW Group in Shanghai, Asia’s largest parts distribution warehouse enabled BMW dealers in addition to meet the needs of the Eastern District, they can also deal with the needs of dealers nationwide emergency orders, and the fastest delivery can be completed within 24 hoursCar parts warehouse .

This warehouse is located in the port area of ​​Shanghai new parts distribution warehouse was put into operation. The distribution center warehouse area reached 77,000 square meters (52,000 square meters built a) follow BMW global standard, specially designed storey warehouse and logistics technology adoption of international standards, covering the BMW models in China All original car parts, improved operational efficiency by 20% and shorten the time required for the maintenance and distribution of vehicle parts.

In the context of product convergence models, luxury car brand in the terminal market competition is no longer just stay in the car level. Including hardware dealer showrooms, sales service, brand reputation, etc. have become an important factor about whether consumers ultimately foot the bill. The importance of aftermarket competitiveness increasingly prominent.

BMW Group has four parts distribution warehouse in China, located in Shanghai, Beijing, Foshan and Chengdu. In 2006, BMW set up in Beijing its first parts distribution warehouse in China in 2007, BMW has established in Shanghai second parts distribution warehouse, in order to meet the needs of the eastern and southern parts of the logistics area, and to strengthen the dealer supply support. After only a year, to support the continuous development of the BMW business in China, established in Foshan parts distribution warehouse, replacing parts warehouse in Hong Kong, the main service dealers in southern China. By 2012, BMW increased investment in China’s western market, the establishment of the Chengdu parts distribution warehouse.

At present, the four original parts parts distribution warehouse storage capacity of more than 130,000, the annual volume of orders more than 5 million. Among them, 40% completed by the Shanghai distribution center. BMW parts distribution warehouse distribution center focus, not only to improve after-sales logistics network, the attendant is also to meet the diverse needs of customers. Yi Bo Han said Shanghai new parts distribution center will effectively enhance the capacity and efficiency of BMW service, saving time dealer orders and receipts, saving customers time costs, enhance customer recognition of the BMW brand.


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