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Factors To Consider Before Your Uzbekistan Tours With Fivestansadventure

Factors To Consider Before Your Uzbekistan Tours With Fivestansadventure

 Many people who travel to Central Asia want to know before their Uzbekistan tours starts some helpful hints and tips to make their trip more enjoyable. For this information, you’ve come to the right place! Five Stans Adventure has unsurpassed knowledge of the culture and traditions of this great land and is ready and willing to share it with you. Not only can we help you prepare for your great adventure, but we have a highly knowledgeable staff “on the ground” that can guide you through the intricacies of this ancient and wonderful culture. For now, we’d like to present a list of seven items that we think are the most helpful to know before you come here on your Uzbekistan tours.


1.    Greetings. Nothing will set you apart from the other travelers on an Uzbekistan tours than your ability to greet every day Uzbeks in their own style. For men greeting men, a handshake and looking your new friend in the eye and saying “assalom alleikum” while placing your left hand over your heart is the perfect way to “break the ice”. For greetings between men and women, it is suffice to say “assalom alleikum” from a respectful distance, unless the woman offers firstly her hand to shake. For women greeting women, a brief embrace is acceptable while saying, “assalom alleikum”. Again, the woman makes the decision if they wish to shake hands with a man, but regardless it is essential to say, “assalom alleikum”, too.


2.    Helpful phrases. While most travelers like to carry a phrase book with them while on an Uzbekistan tours, these are usually useless when you are in an actual moment of conversation. Who wants to wait for you to page through a phrase book while everyone stands waiting? Therefore, take the time to learn a few that you’ll find helpful. The previously mentioned “assalom alleikum” is the most  greeting in Uzbekistan Tours and it’s one you’ll want to keep. “Yakshur” means good when you see something you like, while “hiyer” means goodbye. Your Five Stans Adventure guide always is there to help you with pronunciation and to help you learn a few more phrases, too!


3.    The culinary side of Uzbekistan. There are so many different dishes during your Uzbekistan tours to try! Plov is the #1 dish in the country and it’s impossible to leave without eating your fair share. It’s a delicious blend of rice, lamb, and carrots that will always satisfy your appetite. Be sure to try the samza and manti, too. Equally important, promise yourself to never miss an opportunity to eat the local fruits and vegetables. Personally, I put my own stamp of approval on the melons, apricots, apples, tomatoes, and peppers as some of the best in the world.