Indoor full color LED screen what are an integral component of your lease

Indoor complete colour rental led by: indoor led show, led module, led leasing cabinet, led electrical power supply exclusive series, led electrical power lines, cables, all types of screws, led management systems, air plugs, air boxes along with other resources .-----agapeled

one. Indoor led show screen entire body typically includes a housing, modules, energy supplies, connecting wire as well as other (indoor fixed set up screen can not box magnet adsorption bracket based on the real scenario);

3. Laptop: common fixed set up will be to use desktop computers, laptops and external leasing send cards commonly utilized in conjunction;

2.led controller program: Basic screen is not as well massive to send only one card, reception card is based on the length and height towards the actual accounting from the screen, we'll give an suitable volume to make sure the effectiveness and cost on the display (personal color led show undertaking might be implemented remote control or wireless control according to real requirements).

five. Distribution Cabinet: Never be low cost so as to configure their own hardware retail outlet, so very specialist, will do properly once the screen of daily life as well as a good influence around the regular use, we propose that prospects searching to get a specialist producers to order, or by We getting.

four. Video Processor: frequently compact screen fixed set up in case the data just isn't updated incredibly frequently, you may not reside devoid of, if it really is broadcast live about the major screen or do you should acquire;

seven. multifunction card: offers temperature, humidity, brightness and also other parameters acquisition permits automated brightness adjustment and various functions. Buyers are advised to configure;

six. amplifier and sound: get determined by the set up environment, indoor water requirements, clients can obtain their particular, but in addition provide us;

9 major connection cable: The principle level will be to consider power to electric energy distribution cabinets, distribution cabinets to Screen cable, there's the management on the laptop to your most important screen in the principal network communication lines, these are typically ready through the customer. Screen by wire concerning our other provides;

8. steel framework: We offer total colour led show reference CAD layout drawings, the client can be manufactured at the nearby, but additionally by our contract production;

10. Cooling: general indoor surroundings beneath standard general without the need of exclusive cooling gear, indoor typically set up air-conditioning, axial supporters cooling, so that you can make improvements to the stability and longevity from the display.

12. logistics: the purchaser is accountable for shipping, logistics and normally get to pay, reasonably priced land, air charges increased. By way of example, a consumer in Dalian led display from Shenzhen to Dalian, transportation price per square meter is about 260 yuan.

eleven, air box: common leasing customers only really need to obtain a air box can display cabinet 4-6.

Additionally to leasing led stage background display, you'll be able to also indoor promoting, but in addition release data, enrich people's cultural and recreational life, is definitely the audience preferred facts media, in our Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and also other cities happen to be applied, and acquired extremely excellent success. And just lately, the well-known indoor advertising company Concentrate Media, the Oriental Pearl Mobile LED moving into indoor promoting market, it really is extra clear to the vitality of this industry.

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