Why booking a luxury Phuket villa rental makes a lot of sense

The largest island of Thailand, Phuket attracts a wide variety of tourist from all across the globe. As a result more and more condos, resorts as well as luxury villas to rent in phuket are being developed in order to cater for the rise in demand for accommodation.

It is always advisable to book accommodation at least a few months in advance of arriving in Phuket. There are two ways in which bookings can be made:

Book from a reputed international website providing accommodation all over the world

Choose a local agent in Phuket who knows all the local villa owners and property managers and can leverage high volumes of bookings to get exclusive deals and discounts.

There are pros and cons for both of course. Listed below are some advantages of choosing an agent in Phuket to book with.

Right information

International booking websites are open to anyone anywhere. As a result these websites can lack accuracy as well as knowledge of the property to be considered.

Local agents usually meet with the property owners personally to sign agreements and verify the property looks as described and depicted in the photos.


Due to the openness of international booking sites, there are often reported cases of fake properties being listed on vacation rental portals. these properties can be put up with the purposes of scamming the user or to capture a lead with an almost too good to be true offer where a luxury villa to rent is listed but when the user enquires or tries to book it they are told the property i full and then put them on to another property.

However by booking through a trusted local agent in Phuket, you can avoid this problem all together as agents have to protect their reputation. There are usually no duplicated properties and all the villas are visited by agents personally.

Best deals

When a luxury villas is rented in phuket through a local agent, one is likley to be getting some of the best possible deals. Most local agents have close business relationships with villa owners and managers and are able to get the best possible deals. Early bird and last minute discounts are much more likely to be had when booking through agents who are competing with many other agents on price.

Customer service

When it comes to getting great customer service, local agents are often a better option than large international booking sites. They are usually easily contactable by phone, online chat or email 7 days a week and often out of hours - using their local knowledge and expertise to answer customer queries. Moreover they provide 100 percent availability of accommodation to the customer throughout the year.