The latest in Granny flat technology: durable, cost-effective and eco-friendly building materials

Let's face it! For as long as the majority of our population is the elderly and for as long as the living cost of Australia continues to soar,Granny flats are here to stay. A secondary dwelling bomb ticking-awaiting to explode. Oh yes! You better bet on it! Pretty soon enough,almost all houses in Australia would be attached with ancillary accommodations or majority of the Australian backyards will be transformed into secondary dwellings for rent, for ailing granddads and grandmums or for who knows what.

And since the evolution ofgranny flat is inevitable. Why not make the best and most of it and build granny flats that are sturdier and environmentally and eco-friendly? Afterall they are property investments, right?

There are many ways to build an extraordinary,customized, high-tech granny homeswith the help of reliable and reputablegranny flat builders.

And to name a few, here are the unfoldingdurable yet cost-effective material trends in building granny flats WA:

? Solarpanel roof

Nowadays granny flat designs can vary from the simplest and most conventional to the most complicated and state of the art. Some even can opt for a green clean eco-friendly granny apartment by installing solar roofs in their granny homes. This can save tons off their electricity bill plus they help in keeping the environment clean and green. Solar roofs which are composed of solar cells basically convert sunlight to direct electricity through turning photons into direct current electricity. This electricity is then processed into an alternating current through an inverter and other electrical devices.

? Galvanized steel frames

Secondary dwellings are much compact and sturdy when foundations are made up of steel frames. This is the current building material recommended by many granny flat builders because it is solid, doesn't bend, twist and rust. Additionally, termite and house borer pests will be a problem no more since the house is primarily composed of steel. Granny flats WA made of these frames are guaranteed to last a lifetime since galvanized steel won't rust and literally stands for a lifetime.

? European metal roof tile

This type of roof tile is most endorsed by licensed home builders because it is thicker than the counterpart roof tiles yet it is pliable and light and it bends to the shape of the tile. As a matter of fact, this roof tile is made up of polyester resin and has eight layers of paint protection over its base metal.

? Transportable Home wall material

This genius building material actually comes off and can be transported to anywhere the granny home dweller wants. It's also very cost-effective because it is made up of polystyrene core panels with steels on each side, these bundles of freezer panels are then locked together to form walls or roofs. Plus this material is 100% fire retardant.

There are many more occurring popular trends in building granny homes such as highlight windows, pre-painted fascia and gutters, double brick etc. It's really up to the home dwellers which materials to use but they better keep in mind the longevity and durability of these materials since secondary dwelling are afterallbig investments.

Granny flat designs come and go, what doesn't go however is the materials that will be used in building one. So bank on these materials.For more information on Design Your Own Home Perth Australia, ; Design Your Own Home Perth Australia and (08) 9397 0963

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