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Accident forgiveness for your commercial vehicle

Accident forgiveness for your commercial vehicle

    You’re probably aware of the term accident forgiveness ; you may even have it tied into your personal auto insurance as a reward for your good driving habits and loyalty to your insurance provider. When it comes to your commercial auto insurance, this is not an included benefit and requires an additional premium, but works the same way. The first at-fault accident made by you or an employee will not result in an increased insurance premium or added surcharge. This is a great, cost effective solution I often see clients declining.


   Called endorsement 39, accident forgiveness can be added to you commercial automobile insurance for about $50-$100 annually, depending on your vehicle class. In the short term you may feel that money is better spent on paying for gas, but with today’s gas prices that money is not going to get you very far. Consider the long term, if you or an employee ever gets in an at fault accident, the first offense could see a premium increase of over 100%. Now that is a lot of gas money.

  Once the accident occurs, it is too late to add accident forgiveness to your commercial auto insurance policy. Think twice before declining accident forgiveness on to your policy due to the cost. This is minimal to the amount you will pay in the event of an accident. You do not want to be like other drivers who decline the endorsement and regret it later. Call Dalton Timmis Insurance Group at 1-888-385-8466 to add accident forgiveness to your commercial automobile insurance before it is too late.