3 New Online Businesses You Can Try When You're Out of Ideas

If you are operating a service based business you need to be open to taking a variety of different approaches to marketing yourself online. There are far too many similarities with selling products and you can apply to use most of the same principles.

The services you offer are going to determine which challenges are the biggest for you. Quite a few service providers like to offer a "one time" deal and it is over as soon as the service has been completed. So it's quite a lot more important for you to have an effective lead generation set up in place and ready to go.

If you are okay with offering services online for your business model, this is something that can appeal to you. Even better, if you like working with video, it could be the key to profits that you've been trying to find. This is a service through which you will be remodeling videos for various businesses, typically smaller businesses that find the idea attractive. You should learn all you can about videos and what makes them better or worse. Obviously you're going to need to learn how to make and edit videos--but that's easy and doesn't even require the purchase of software. So you can get a start by offering to do it for free, and the various marketing forums are where you can get your first customers.

You need to test a lot with your marketing and advertising if you want to build a strong foundation for your success online. But most marketers never do it and many larger businesses do not, either, and they have little clue about it. What you will do, here, is become a split testing expert, and you really should learn some concepts and principles of copywriting. The goal of split testing is to raise your conversion rate. In this situation you are going to offer a "conversion rate consulting service" and teach businesses how to increase their conversion rates. It's not hard to pair this sort of consulting with other sorts of consulting (like site usability).

Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of ignoring how powerful video really can be. It's possible that they are just too lazy to create videos and that's why they lose out on so much marketing power. We've all seen review websites--they are quite effective when they are done well. What you will do is create a site that has some text content on it, but the main features will be video. You are going to make videos that are reviews of each of the products and/or services that you want to sell. It's also a good idea to compose and create pre-sell videos (which are definitely different than the actual reviews themselves). If you are not familiar with preselling or how to do it well, then you need to learn. But presell marketing is not hard to understand or learn; however, you must know the right way to approach it.

As you've learned you've no doubt become familiar with the concept of using OPM (Other Peoples' Money) for business purposes. This is a principle that has withstood the test of time and has been the source of quite a few amazing fortunes. What we have discussed is very similar, and both approaches employ the concept of leverage. Hopefully you now have a really good idea of how best to understand and use leverage in a way that will make a difference for you.

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