UL Recognized FZ1800R12KL4C IGBT - Use of Semiconductor Devices with an Emitter Controlled Diode

Why settle for ordinary semiconductors when there’s Infineon’s FZ1800R12KL4C? Visit http://www.USComponent.com/buy/eupec-infineon/fz1800r12kl4c/ now! Get this IGBT transistor module and see the amazing power it can give to your community’s wind turbines.


FZ1800R12KL4C is the semiconductor you need to power up the deteriorating wind turbines of your community. Onshore and offshore, this IGBT transistor module that’s created by Infineon can give your wind turbines the boost of energy needed.


With a weight of 8.82 lbs., FZ1800R12KL4C can release a power supply of 1200V, making it more than enough to make wind turbines attain optimum electric performance.


FZ1800R12KL4C has IGBT2 and equipped with an emitter controlled diode, hence, offering dynamic benefits to wind turbines. With this semiconductor’s components, wind turbines and even other applications like UPS and solar panels can provide power even beyond their limit.


UL recognized, FZ1800R12KL4C is totally safe to use.


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