IGBT Power Based Inverters - FZ800R33KL2 IGBT for Electronics & Motor Drives

If you have a machine that is handled by brushless DC motors, then its time to upgrade it with FZ800R33KL2! This device can be found at http://www.USComponent.com/buy/eupec-infineon/fz800r33kl2/, one of the best and highly trusted Infineon distributors.


This amazing lightweight IGBT transistor module can produce up to 3300V of power at 2.2lbs.It has high power switching capability which guarantees minimized switching losses.


Infineon FZ800R33KL2 has a modified power handling ability and an interdigitated amplifying gate that also adds up to its high efficiency in boosting the performance of brushless DC motors with a patented free floating silicon technology.


Because of its versatility, FZ800R33KL2 can also be used with other applications like AC motor controls, UPS and inverter for motor drives. Get your FZ800R33KL2 now and feel the difference.


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