Online Digital Photography Guide - Canon 550D DSLR Characteristic Overview

Online Digital Photography Guide - Canon 550D DSLR Characteristic Overview


Canon's 550D DSLR camera consists of many considerable improvements in the Canon 500D: Better HD motion video, the 18 Megapixel image warning, and an enhanced metering system akin to that of the canon eos 7D model. The 18MP Image Indicator Image quality with the new Brother 550D is superior to that of previous versions - leaping from 12MP in order to 15MP and finally with an incredible18MP. Partnered using this is the company's latest DIGIC Some image cpu, and the result is an outstanding combination of running speed, exactness, and picture resolution.


The iFCL Metering Technique The Canon 550D includes the iFCL or perhaps Focus, Dyes and Luminance metering technique. This system measures and looks at focus, colour, and luminance info from Sixty three zones together which provides significantly enhanced metering accuracy and uniformity over earlier models of the queue. This is also the identical metering system which is used in the Canon 7D semi-professional camera. The High Definition Movements Video The actual 550D is much increased in the Hi-def motion video department, as compared to the predecessor 500D particularly if shooting with 720p and 1080p. A nice feature can be full control of the frame charge which allows you to capture very fast relocating images by manual adjusting of the frame fee.


The Low Light ISO Changes The 550D carries a standard ISO array of up to 6400. This range can be expanded as much as 12800 for use inside low light circumstances where it may not be allowed or perhaps desirable to make use of flash illumination. This improved ISO range along with the DIGIC 4 picture processor creates minimum graininess inside the output graphic. The New Motion picture Crop Feature - Normal Definition With The Same Lens A new movie plant function enables you to shoot action video in standard definition with up to 7x efficient zoom. This is done by using only the center part of the image indicator, and it is quite handy pertaining to instances in places you do not have moment or might not exactly wish to change lenses.


The Improved LCD Display Canon offers improved the LCD display on the 550D more than that of past models too. The display size is still an incredibly respectable 3 inches, nevertheless offers elevated resolution and also overall clarity which in turn permits you to better observe important details in your photos as you capture. The result is better composition capacity. The Robust Product Line Canon has made a fantastic camera - the 500D - even better. Along with the new 550D will be fully works with EF and EF-S string lenses which means that your existing lens may still be used. It is also compatible with the EX-Speedlite series of flash add-ons. Add to this the features discussed previously mentioned and the 550D turns into a very appealing & worthwhile update.