University studies

At VSA Future, we believe that an immersive experience results in the best environment for learning. Together with our partners, LotusSTEM, we want students to dive into their passions, learn from the best, and experience it all while among their brightest peers in the most enriched places.

We offer summer programs at the country’s top universities, where students of all ages can learn from world-class professors, explore intriguing cities, enjoy the beautiful campuses and fashion studies pursue their interests, whether it’s in fashion, music, law, business, or more.

VSA Future has partnered with LotusSTEM to be able to these bring top-notch educational opportunities while assuring a smoothly run program door-to-door, from a richly cultured selection of subjects.

In addition to classes, each program gives students a real world experience in the subject. Law students will visit a live trial to see the American justice system at work, while business students will tour the New York Stock Exchange. Each day is packed with classes, workshops, and field trips, making every day an adventure. For the last week of each program, students go on a whirlwind grand tour of the East Coast, visiting everywhere from gorgeous West Point Academy to Niagara Falls and historic Boston leaving them with memories of a lifetime.