Which usually Baby Photography Style Should You Choose


A lot of parents nowadays employ the services of a newborn photographer to take pictures of their newborn baby. They need the innocence and beauty of their child to get captured in photos.  These photos can kept for a long time and moms and dads can show these to their little one when he/she grows up.


Not every photographers are proficient in newborn photography. Entering into newborn photography and becoming a professional at it won’t be simple. You need to have patience, determination and enthusiasm. You additionally need to acquire abilities and experience over time in order to be good at it. For starters, it is best to study the field first, practice picture taking, get ideas from the professional and understand how babies should be treated in a photo session.


Posed vs Lifestyle


Newborn photographers also have different methods in taking photos. The two common types of newborn photography are Posed Newborn Photography and Lifestyle Newborn Photography. Some newborn photographers favor the posed style, others go for lifestyle and while the rest do a mixture of the two.


What exactly is Posed Newborn Photography?


In a posed newborn photo session, newborns are typically taken to the studio for the picture taking. The photo session can also be organised in the client’s home upon request or agreement. In this photo session, the infant must be in deep sleep so that the photo taker can easily shift poses without waking up the newborn baby. This posed newborn photo session usually lasts approximately 2 to 4 hours and it is great for newborn babies below 10 days old.


What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?


Lifestyle newborn photography is known as the “casual way” of taking photos of infants. Pictures are shot in the client’s residence or picked location. The lifestyle photo session will include the mom or dad holding the new child, the baby while being fed and some other precious moments of the baby in a typical day. Lifestyle newborn photo session is best taken when the baby is 0 to 20 days old.


The answer to the question which newborn photography style should you choose depends on what you are comfortable with. If you like posed much better than lifestyle style, then go for posed. But if you love lifestyle, then have fun doing it with your newborn. It all boils down to communicating with your professional photographer on what will make the photo session productive and unforgettable. There are professional photographers who blend both lifestyle and posed. Try to find one if you would like a combination of these two forms.