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A great game

A great game

Everything from playing video games to playing outdoors and even leaading to computer games. It has all taught us about one thing. And that is the ability to think! I've noticed time and time again that when kids, teenagers or any other person, that once they play computer games or any other form of games. They become very pro-active! And how is that? Is it because they are very amusing? Is it because they are very entertaining? Well, all of those answers are Correct! It is really "right on the money!".

These games are really important to every single one of us. Because, they teach us how to think! Outdoor games, video games and even Computer games. These all teaches us how to think. From trying to figure out a way to defeat this Boss?. And from how can i get this item? They all lead us to one thing! A vast pool of learning. For we can't see the way of accomplishing or even finishing a game without "learning" a few things. That is why the kids of tomorrow should play any games that they would seem amusing. Because it helps them shape up to a kind of person that would be beneficial or a great asset to a great future.

In the fact of playing games, people grow to be quite "abusive" of it. Mostly, teenagers or maybe even children. They take the freedom they got from playing computer games or even video games too far. Which may result to their demise in their choolworks. Which is supposed to be a big "No No!" for parent's. Who would even love to see their children slowly tossing around their will to learn? That is something no parent should ever have to see. A child can learn from them. They just don't have to do them so much. Because tif they do so! They might lose a fractile of their attention span and give it to video games or computer games. That is why as you continue to do play. They must still keep in touch their inner learner so that they might not become what parent's fear them to be. In this case, a lousy bum or even a dropout. No kid should ever be that. That is why games are truly the ups and down bringers to some people. THey keep us up as they are trying to keep us down.

But even so, that is what people would love to say. "A Great Game!"