Four Main Areas You Need to Consider When Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

It is not easy to get the dress for bridesmaids´╝îbecause they will have different size, colour and height. Their tastes might also differ. You don't want to put them in dresses they don't like and you need some perfect dresses to match your wedding as well.

The best way is to have an open discussion with the bridesmaids themselves. Get to know their likes and dislikes. This might not be too difficult for you as they would most probably be very close to you. Still, get to know their preferences. There are four main areas in which you need an agreement among you:

Budget - No matter who pays for the bridesmaid dresses, you should know and control the budget. Try to find a dress that everyone can afford.

Style - Style depends on taste. As with the price, style also should be fixed after consulting the bridesmaids. Make sure it suits all of them. You don't want them to keep your wedding day as a not-so-happy memory being made to wear a dress that made them look ugly. Today, there are plenty of styles, formal and casual, from which you can choose.

Colour - The colour of the bridesmaid dresses has to complement your wedding gown. Select shades that can match all the bridesmaids equally. Think of all the accessories to go along with it. Decide on the look. You might either want black or black & white dresses giving a formal look. Or, you try something depending on the season like pink bridesmaid dresses for summer, gold, red dresses for autumn, deep blue or silver for winter, etc.

Comfort - The dresses should be comfortable for the bridesmaids. Most probably, this is the dress that they would be wearing till the end of reception. Also, they have to stand for a long time during the ceremony and then dance at the reception. Hence, instead of going for a last minute purchase, get the dresses done earlier so that there is ample time for alterations to be made. Even the accessories have to be chosen carefully. Pointed high heels have to be considered only if the bridesmaids can handle it well for a long time.

A wedding is the most important day of your life. You have to be happy, and for your happiness to be complete your bridesmaids have to be happy as well. A gorgeous and suitable bridesmaid dress would make them happy, beautiful and proud.

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