My recent trip to Chile

I was so excited about this journey for such a long time. I always desired to visit Chile.
As the largest producer of Rose Hip Oil and Rose Hip products, Chile was always on my radar of countries to visit. Rose Hip Oil is such a fantastic treatment for skin. It is great for excess sun and can reduce wrinkles. With so much to offer, who wouldn’t enjoy it?
I first heard about Rose Hip Oil at my neighborhood spa, where they were discussing the fantastic benefits of trying the oil. I was quickly curious in using Rose Hip Oil. After a few days of trying the oil, I observed enhanced skin tone, and minimized fine lines.
MY trip took me high up in the Andes where the Rose Hip Bushes grow in the wild. Beautiful landscape, and it is simple to see why this area is so desired for growing rose hip plants.
My visit was so enjoyable and I cannot wait to go back.
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