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Continuing high investment engendered by the Common Market will thus hasten the spread of new technology.

In the 195o's the speed of investment in Europe was considerably more than in the USA. This investment rate was 16 percent in Norway, 12 percent in the Netherlands, 9 percent in Italy, 8 percent in France, and 9 percent in the western European read more...

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An increase in wages will have this effect, whether it results from a more substantial amount of capital or from some other cause.

One step in the process described above, by which an upsurge in the volume of capital sparks automation, is an increase in wages. Get further about keb motor boards read more...

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Watch Out For These Indoor Plant Insects

There are a handful of insects that infect a plant that grows indoors. Dig up more about spraygreen by going to our unusual URL. When the symptoms of these infestations grow to be read more...

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San Diego Wild Animal Park

Aside from the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wild

Animal Park is the best location in San Diego to see

animals. This stylish compare what to do ne

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Exemplary eCustomer Service - In 4 Easy Methods

Fourteen days before I scribed a note of praise for Office Depot on PlanetFeedback.Com. Two hours later I got an individual response from Office Depots executive office. Last Friday I signed a complaint via email to my wireless phone company. Less read more...