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President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor - New York Times

For others, the prospects do not look good. There used to be part of the work force that had well-paying jobs that were low or unskilled, Mr. Prising said. Those kinds of jobs are very difficult to find today.

The deal that Mr. Trump made w

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Trump's 25 Million New Jobs Promise Doesn't Add Up - NBCNews.com

Donald Trump's promise to grow the U.S. economy fast enough to create 25 million new jobs over the next decade is bound to win support among American workers.

There's only one problem with his pledge.

Without a wave of new immigran

2 years ago

Clinton Sticks to Primary Message on Economy as a Counter to Trump - Bloomberg

Hillary Clintonsignaled Wednesday that her general election message on the economy won't change much from the views she ran on during the Democratic primary, as she tries to at once attract Bernie Sanders supporters and working-class white men who read more...

2 years ago

Trees for terror: Palestinian charity holds planting ceremony to honor 'martyrs'

John Huddy reports from Jerusalem

2 years ago

Super Ideas That Make Social Media Work For You Dallas SEO Agency

There are a lot of people discovering different ways on how to become successful today. One of the best ways to become successful in today's world is through social media marketing. This article contains information that can help you on your way t read more...

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False report of man with gun sparks lockdown at Pleasant Grove High School - Salt Lake Tribune

Pleasant Grove High School in Utah County was on lockdown for several hours Thursday afternoon following a false report of a person with a gun.

The lockdown was lifted at about 4:15

2 years ago

Inside the hunt for a heretic queen - NEWS.com.au

STRANGE echoes, indentations and touched-up artwork inside Tutankhamuns famous tomb have revealed secret chambers that may belong to his notorious mother Queen Nefertiti.

She was Egypts most beautiful woman. She was married to its most ugl read more...