3 years ago


so yeah... i`m feeling depressed right know so i thouhgt i would talk about death. I was once really good friend with this girl. we talked about death and how she just loved life so much, and i just agreed with her because i didn`t wanted to stand read more...

3 years ago

not being good enough

So recently i`ve been feeling like i don`t belong avywhere, but that is normal at my age -says doctors and parents-. 

Let me tell you a story... I`ve liked this guy for a very long time, but he was not really the best at talking to read more...

3 years ago


okay so... i`m gonna talk about sex. I`m a virgin -thouhgt that might be a good idea to say-. And yes i like being a virin but i aslo want to know how it is. How much it hurts and so on. and if i`m being totally honest it is not the sex i`m lookin read more...

3 years ago


Okay, so i could be very polite and say that i have full understanding for people thats are freaked out about that Cover or Vouge photo... But really? what the fuck is the big deal? i reallt don`t get it. So they put out a picture of a girl who is read more...

3 years ago

Hello world

i may not be the normal blogger... i don`t do makeup, i don`t do fashion. i don`t read what i type 100 time to make sure there isn`t any bad spelling. I am just here to tell you guys about my sucky life. 

Because this is anonumous i