2 years ago

Southern Co. purchase of AGL will be good for consumers, Gas South CEO says

And, well truly notice gasoline as well as electricity basically compete on the degree playing field.

The recent announcement that Southern Co. Anyone possess a couple of very good utility companies together with superb reputations coming read more...

2 years ago

Charity Car Raffles by Sarah Michaels

When it comes to car donations to support charity programs, many people think of the junk car donation -- having someone coming to haul away a car that barely runs. After all, plenty of people would prefer to sell their old vehicle if they can, pa read more...

2 years ago

Who Gives and Who Doesn't?

There are a million ways to give to charity. Toy drives, food drives, school supply drivestelethons, walkathons, and dance-athons.

But just who is doing the giving? Three quarters of American families donate to charity, giving $1,800 each, read more...