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WEEE transport from the collection platforms to the first treatment

The EI datasets Transport, lorry 3.5–7.5 t/EURO 3 and Transport, lorry 3.5–7.5 t/EURO 4 (50% each) were used for the modelling of the transport.
Table 2.
Average distances from the collection platform t

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Fig xA Thermal treatment employed for

Table 1.
Composition of the mixtures (wt% of raw materials and vol% of ceramic and starch fractions).Ref.Raw materialsVolume fractionClay (wt%)Sodium feldspar (wt%)Fedspatic sand (wt%)StarchCeramic (vol%)Starch (vol%)Typewt%C0404020&n read more...

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At the beginning of the

Over the second year, the influence of the application of organic amendments on the soil nitrogen dynamic was less evident. One year after application (spring), organic-amended soils showed low availability of mineral nitrogen, despite better cond read more...

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The chemical parameters were determined as

Principal Axitinib of the chemical parameters. Boldface factor loadings ar read more...

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The electrical properties of GZO

AcknowledgmentsThe work Tariquidar supported in part by Federal Program of Ministry of Education and Science of RF (Project #14.604.21.0008 from 1 read more...

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Between the dreier ring layers of Ba Eu Al Si

6 shows examples of stacking variations with the punctuated equilibrium slabs of model 1, only with different orientations of dreier-ring laye read more...

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Appendix A xA Supporting information Supplementary dataHelp

2. Experimental section
2.1. Synthesis of Ca5Co4V6O24
2.2. Synthesis of Ca5Ni4V6O24
Similar to Ca5Co4V6O24, single crystals of Ca5Ni4V6O24 were obtained using read more...