3 years ago

Easy and Best Woodworking Projects for Beginners

According to Best woodworking plans for those of you beginners who want to get maximum productivity and enjoyment, you have to start small. Chamfer bevels, mit read more...

3 years ago

Best Lumber for Woodworking Plans

Sometimes, people are confused about selecting wood. In this article, you will be shared about the basic of choosing lumber for the best woodworking plans. 

Harwood or softwood

If you have woodworking projects, it is confu

3 years ago

Select Stable Wood

You are probably may want to choose the most stable wood especially when you are creating good furniture or woodworking hand tools which require great stability such as try squares, straight edges or hand planes unless you want to have a figurativ read more...

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The Ultimate Post About Myself

at last, after a bit of thinking i decided to open my own blog.i'm a upright, dishonesty and egotism, at least that's what i feel.i am doing a capoeira when i am not writing or doing other things.i feel an urge to write something about my read more...