12 months ago

Contrast Study of Transrectal Ultrasound and Endorectal Coil in Prostate MR Imaging

In this study, we made use of transrectal ultrasound(TRUS) and endorectal coil magnetic resonace imaging(endoMRI) to perform prostate TRUS with ESADTE-DU-8、MRI and single voxel 1HMRS with Philips Intera A chieva 1.5 Tesla whole body nuclear magn read more...

12 months ago

Development and Evaluation of a Nucleic Acid Testing Assay

Recently,bacterial contamination in platelet concentrates(PCs)is becoming a worldwide concerned problem as the risks of transfusion-related viral infectious diseases have decreased to a low level and the platelet concentrates(PCs)have been widely read more...

12 months ago

The Research of Biotypes and Drug Susceptibility Test of Gardnerella Vaginosis

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