1 year ago

Tea packaging also becomes more and more exquisite

Ceramic packaging occupies particular proportion in the tea packaging, exquisite and sophisticated, beautiful, plus the special modelling, with out some refining, dignified and elegant, some pot physique soon after carving, inlay, paint, silk prin read more...

2 years ago

Color products are generally used offset printing or laser printing technology

Production colour printing gear can invest in adequate client demand for big quantities of color output and printing speed. In this area, a lot of devices is often accomplished easily inside a month of time

2 years ago

Specific stamping process

Printing paper or spray printing photosensitive stamping ink film,drying,exposure,Stamping,completed product.

200 mesh and 300 mesh screen full version the photosensi read more...

2 years ago

The advantages of the honeycomb cardboard

As a standard cushion packaging components, plastic foam with very good cushioning properties and vibration absorbing properties, light weight, superior protection overall performance, wide adaptability and also other positive aspects, broadly app read more...

2 years ago

How to accurately control the brightness of the photo printing and packaging products

Colour printing and paper packaging solutions, ink uniform is definitely the fundamental requirement of printing, the printing approach colour difference is the most prone to i read more...

2 years ago

Prepress light source designed to be used in the package design skills

Prepress design in paper packaging style process plays an incredibly significant part, tips on how to use these just before printing expertise

1, the use of the light