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Social media positive for teens? Maybe!

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Report: Young Adults say social media more positive as compared to negative

In fact, based on a new report a year ago read more...

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International News | World News


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1 year ago

Use of Lockets in Weddings

Lockets make a sentimental wedding gift concept that will final for many years to come. Brides can give lockets to the bridal get together, and the girls can dress in them at the wedding ceremony. A groom may want to give his wife a locket as a we read more...

1 year ago

How to Write An Effective Help Wanted Ad

After reading Help Wished Advertisements throughout the last yr, I have a few ideas for those writing the ads.

one. Know what you want the work to be.

This may possibly entail writing out a chart or a short outline so you can see wh read more...

1 year ago

Sex.com And ABCSearch.com Join Forces To Generate Maximum Search Results; Sex.com Signs Major Distribution Deal For Its Search Results.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sex.com (www. sex.com), the premium grownup Net

search engine, is announcing its initial distribution partnership ever.

The partnership is with ABCSearch.com (http://www.abcsearch.com/), a

foremost industrial

1 year ago

Yahoo beats Google in traffic for first time in 2 years

For the first time in much more than two years, Yahoo websites were the most visited in the country in July, according to a regular monthly report from comScore, which tracks exclusive visitors to U.S.