2 years ago

3 causes of a Damp Basement in New Jersey

~~New Jersey damp basement  causes

  “Although we used a dehumidifier we kept getting mold in the basement. There was no sign of a leak or standing water.”

Number 1:     The basement is

2 years ago

5 Ways Basement Water Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer

~~“I bought a house 3 months ago. Since the first week I have had basement water leaking…

1. Lying about basement water on a seller’s disclosure form


Selling or buying a home in NJ? L

2 years ago

5 Things You Need to Know About Basement Flooding

~~If You Read One Article About Basement Flooding Read this One

“After the landscaper regraded our yard at a cost of over $5,000 we flooded again”

1. Basement flooding: is it caused by surface water or  read more...