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Rehabilitation: Addiction Recovery with Luxury

Do you want to stop your addiction, yet you can not seem to take the plunge? At the time you began using , you may have believed you had everything in order, but now thinking of using and becoming high takes up the largest part of your entire day read more...

2 years ago

Learn more about preventing the suicides of addicts in rehab facilities while seeking help from a rehab center.


Stopping Addiction Rehab Suicides

One of the most difficult things you will deal with is the thought of ending your own life. You might think life is not worth it any longer. You cannot go on. It is time to pull the curt read more...

2 years ago

President Kennedy's Father's Secret Prohibition History

President John F. Kennedy's father might have been involved in alcohol importation during Prohibition.The story remains one of controversy. Much of the evidence hinges on circumstance and what other people have said. It paints a big picture th read more...

2 years ago

Tom Cruise Thinks Ritalin Can Prolong ADHD in People

Tom Cruise thinks there is a connection between Ritalin and ADHD.

3-time Oscar Nominee Tom Cruise has now become Dr. Tom Cruise. He is giving out medical advice to those who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Wh read more...

2 years ago

How Winter Impacts Your Recovery

As the winter continues on, you might experience a decline in your energy levels and need more sleep. You may stop eating as much and want to be left away from family and friends. You could find caffeine distasteful too.

It is referred t

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There are qualities someone should always look for in a rehab center.

Things You Should Look For in a Rehab Center

Looking for a good rehab center might be grueling. You may not know where to turn with so many options. And you could be unaware of what the important traits are for a rehab center. Some rehab read more...