2 years ago

3D Printing Takes Around The Human Body (and A whole Lot More)

Credit: http://www. In bakery business, you ought to keep in mind that the food should not only look good, but it ought to be tasty as well. About this same time, Sharp Corp. About this same time, Sharp Corp. However, in recent years, its number 1 read more...

2 years ago

15 Paper Mache Tips And Techniques

Overview of a Good Joystick. Paper,adhesive and just a little bit of imagination give you the basic elements to produce just about anything which you can think of. These fundamental colours include Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (Black), which tend to be read more...

2 years ago

Injured sea turtle gets 3D printed jaw

A 3D-printed beak has been fitted to a sea turtle injured by a collision with a boat's propeller.

The beak, made of medical-grade titanium, replaces the loggerhead turtle's jaws, half of which were sheared off in the accident.

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2 years ago

DM Blade Lays Claim To Being First 3D-Printed Supercar

You may remember that Local Motors recently went out and created a 3D-printed car. Over the course of 44 hours, the Local Motors printer whirred and processed and then spat out a nearly complete vehicle. Components necessary for movement were then read more...